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Why you shouldn't eat anything when really hungry
t's in our basic nature to reach for a large portion when hungry. Therefore, workouts apart, it's a must to keep highsatiety food options available at hand, simply for the times when you feel those hunger pangs.

With all the energy you devote to shedding kilos, you might actually know very little about the why most diets fail — hunger pangs. It's never easy to resist that third serving of pizza even if you are bursting out of your seams.

The guilt always strikes after the damage is done. Know the signs of hunger, the cues for stress eating, and what triggers your cravings to tame yourself when hunger strikes.

The culprit

You've been working since 10 in the morning and consistently thinking about the deadline. Too busy to eat, there is a chance you would suffer from starvation. "Hunger is your body's cue to eat. Due to habits such as erratic timings and long gaps between meals, hunger cues get out of sync, leading to severe hunger pangs," says clinical wellness expert Namita Jain.

A simple solution

Firstly, understand your body clock. Know the difference between actual hunger and stomach contractions. Also, at times you may be misguided by people around you. "You may feel that eating less is better but it isn't true," says John Gloster, fitness expert. "Starvation is never a great survival strategy. Eat less but eat more often," he adds.

Is it hunger or thirst?

Figure out whether you are hungry or thirsty? Sometimes your body can send off signals to the brain that you are hungry. This is because food has lots of fluid contained within it. However, you don't want to be confused with taking onboard unwanted calories when you simply haven't had enough to drink. The key is to ensure you keep your fluid intake up over the course of a day.

What to eat and when

If you're following a particular diet, you will always prefer to carry a lunch box to work. A wheat bread sandwich, idlis (four to five), unpolished rice ( a bowl) and curd, a roti roll filled with vegetables or two to three fruits are apt options for the day. For midnight hunger pangs, foods like salad sandwich are a big nono. You would certainly not wish to sleep with a heavy stomach that leaves you restless all night. Instead, eat a fruit and drink a glass full of water over it.

The bottomline

To make sure you don't experience hunger pangs when on a diet, use top quality meal replacement drinks like coconut water, green tea and butter milk and get your hands on whatever snacks are allowed in the diet programme like soy nuts or energy bars. Eat a healthy balanced meal that doesn't leave you feeling hungry, and this way you'll get to snack on some treats when you want to!

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